Meet Marty, the Stop & Shop Robot

Marty the robot at Stop & Shop

On a recent trip to Stop & Shop in Bristol Plaza, I met Marty, and people were doing double takes as “Marty” rolled by.

In an effort to contribute to the improvement of in-store efficiency and safety for nearly Stop & Shop recently introduced it’s customers to Marty.

The slender gray robot with googly eyes maneuvers freely around the store. Some shoppers give the machine quizzical looks; others snap selfies with the robot.

He looks futuristic but friendly.

“That’s really nifty,” said Kala Dowdrick of Dauphin, who was shopping in the store’s produce section. “I was like, ‘What does that actually do?”

Marty is armed with capabilities including flagging potential hazards (liquid, powder and bulk food-item spills), and follows up with reporting corrective action when needed.

Ultimately, these robots will help stores reduce the risk that comes hand-in-hand with similar spills, which lets store associates devote their time and energy elsewhere.

For Bristol, an individual named Mark publicly posted this on a chat page.

“Many of the Stop and Shop supermarkets (including the one where I worked until 2016 located in the Forestville section of Bristol, Connecticut) have gotten “Marty” the robot. “Marty” the robot patrols the store for customer’s safety. It’s supposed to locate spills and notify someone about them. (It can’t clean them up). I was there today and was talking to a former co-worker of mine and she told me one of the Assistant Manager’s got busted by corporate for assaulting “Marty” the robot. I don’t know if the Assistant Manager suffers from “weed brain”, but he claimed not to know “Marty” the robot had built-in cameras. Ahold-Delhaize (parent company of Stop & Shop, Giant, Food Lion, and Hannaford) will also be adding “Marty” to numerous Giant Supermarket locations in Pennsylvania.”

Other retailers including Target, Amazon and Wal-Mart have been testing and/or using robots.



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